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Pubgas  All pictures are for illustration purposes only

  • PubGasNo rental charges
  • free delivery
  • tested cylinders
  • food grade gas
  • competitive prices
  • local collect point

Gas Freephone 0808 100 2680

Food grade quality drinks dispense gas. Tested cylinders.

Free delivery service in the East Lincolnshire area.

>>> Area of Delivery


Lincs Gases are specialist suppliers of beer gas, cellar gases and drinks dispense gas to public houses, bars, cafes restaurants and clubs.

For many years Lincs Gases provided Carbon Dioxide which was used to dispense most keg products, but today, under the brand name Pubgas, mixed gases provide the Brewer and Public House with more options in achieving a lasting head and creamy texture.

Cellar Gas standard ranges includes:-

  • Pure Carbon Dioxide (Supplied to latest ISBT specification, for CO2 used in food & beverages)
  • 30% CO2/70% Nitrogen
  • 50% CO2/50% Nitrogen
  • 60% CO2/40% Nitrogen

All our cylinders are 100% HSE compliant and fully tested.
We offer a full range of cylinder sizes to suit any working environment.

Lincolnshire Gases Ltd. supplying mains and calor gas appliances, products and services in Lincolnshire UK